AeroCool Project 7 RGB Ready 850w 80 Plus Platinum Certified Modular Power Supply- Super Quiet- 14cm Fan with FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing), Conforms to ATX12V v2.4 and EPS v2.92 standards, Fully compatible with the latest generation Intel Core series processors starting from the 4th Generation CPU Intel ‘Haswell’ platform’s C6/C7 power saving mode Retail Box , 12 Month Limited warranty

Product Overview:

The Aerocool Project 7 family is an RGB-themed collection of products and seems like an attempt to form a sort of Aerocool ecosystem for customers to buy into. We first saw the P7-C1 Pro, a chassis which left us a little disappointed, but now we have the P7-850W PSU in our labs. While cases can get away with being good looking but not necessarily the best quality, for PSUs it’s all a matter of function over form – a shoddy PSU will quickly be exposed by professional testing. That said, Aerocool is definitely looking to tick both boxes with this premium PSU, which adds some RGB flare to what is often one of the most boring components in a PC.


850W is enough to power some serious hardware. Unless you are planning an overclocked build around Intel X299 or AMD X399 with multiple top-end graphics cards, it should have you covered. The P7-850W Platinum is, as the name suggests, rated at 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, second only to Titanium. Like the majority of PSUs these days, it utilises a single 12V rail design that can deliver practically the full 850W capacity thanks to a 70A rating. 


As you would expect from PSU at this price, the P7-850W Platinum is fully modular. The total number of peripheral and PCIe connectors and the length of all cables are all suitable for the type of build this PSU is designed for. The cables themselves are flexible, flat, and black, so their presence in builds can be kept to a minimum. 

AeroCool Project 7 RGB Ready 850w

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